Diversified Assets

Castlelake invests across a diverse set of opportunities in North America and Europe, including sub- and non-performing loans and loan portfolios collateralized by real estate-centric assets.

  • $9 Billion+ Invested in Diviersified Assets Opportunities Since Inception
  • 30,000+ U.S. Residential Lots Developed Across 15 States
  • 7,000+ European Assets Acquired Across 12 European Countries

Investing in complex, granular assets and opportunities with strong collateral coverage

In the United States and Europe, Castlelake has significant experience structuring and executing land and real estate-centric transactions including acquisition, development & construction (AD&C), land banking, secured debt financing and direct investing. We specialize in off-the-run opportunities where we can unlock high-quality assets from complex situations or act as a preferred capital provider where dislocation is present. Castlelake invests with a preference for interim cash flow and contractual exits.

The firm’s extensive experience acquiring and exiting assets – more than 30,000 in the U.S. and 7,000 in Europe – offers a distinct competitive advantage. Our team has niche expertise underwriting a variety of assets and applies rich jurisdictional knowledge to its investment approach. With more than 150 lender relationships and approximately 75 local operating partner relationships, Castlelake is well positioned to source, invest in and manage effectively across geographies.

Proven track record across assets and countries

The Diversified Assets team takes a holistic approach to investing in real assets and loan portfolios collateralized by real assets in Europe and the United States. With over 37,000 assets acquired and investments spanning 14 countries, the team has comprehensive analytics and in-market knowledge that it can leverage across a diverse set of geographies and sectors, enabling Castlelake to be a patient and selective buyer. We also value long-standing relationships with sellers, operating partners, financiers and asset buyers to maximize value at every stage of investment.


Direct, long-standing relationships with country or region-specific sellers, servicers and third-party advisors, including banks and financial institutions.


Rigorous, granular due diligence, including on-site validation of collateral values and a strong emphasis on creating exit visibility, working with joint venture partners to execute.


Asset-by-asset resolution tailored to each individual situation, with a preference for interim cash flow and contractual exits.

Meet OurDiversified AssetsTeam

  • Eduardo D'Alessandro
    Co-head of Investment Teams, Europe & Partner
  • Matt Little
    Co-head of Investment Teams, North America & Partner
  • Philipp Braschel
    Head of Real Estate, Europe & Partner
  • Alan Gearing
    Head of Real Estate, U.S. & Partner
  • Leticia Fusi
    Managing Director, Diversified Assets
  • Pulkit Agrawal
    Director, Diversified Assets
  • Alessandro Bogo
    Director, Diversified Assets
  • Niall Brunker
    Director, Diversified Assets
  • Max Cohen
    Director, Diversified Assets
  • Devin Duffy
    Director, Diversified Assets
  • Iwan Iwanow
    Director, Diversified Assets