Special Situations

Castlelake’s Special Situations team invests opportunistically across industries, geographies and capital structures to unlock value from asset-rich opportunities that are challenged by complexity or illiquidity. Our Special Situations team applies Castlelake’s investing experience and deep asset underwriting capabilities to identify high-quality assets in sectors undergoing change and provide financing, repair capital structures, navigate restructuring and/or improve operations to drive investment returns.

  • $5 Billion Invested in Special Situations Opportunities Since Inception
  • 13 Countries Invested In Globally
  • 1.2 GigaWatts of Renewable Energy Capacity

Opportunistic strategy focused on addressing dislocation and capital starvation

Castlelake is focused on restructurings, direct financings and discrete opportunities backed by hard assets across dislocated and cyclical industries in need of liquidity. Paired with niche industry know-how, the Castlelake team has developed a strong track record of providing creative solutions that unlock value. Castlelake’s Special Situations team has robust asset underwriting and restructuring expertise. With investments spanning 13 countries, the team has experience across a variety of jurisdictions, including nuanced developing and emerging markets. Our deep network of local relationships enables us to maintain control, drive value creation and develop multiple exit alternatives.

Investing in special situations backed by strong asset collateral

The Special Situations team invests in asset-rich opportunities experiencing capital dislocation. Current areas of investment include cash-flowing, hard asset opportunities in sectors such as renewable energy, project finance and well-collateralized NPL portfolios in emerging markets. Recently invested geographies include Brazil, Australia and Japan.


Deep, long-standing relationships that span diverse geographies, banking and financial institutions, lawyers, operating partners, asset manager relationships and government institutions.


Rigorous, granular due diligence on company, asset and industry fundamentals, as well as the local geography and legal jurisdiction.


Strong influence or control-oriented investment style to unlock value and drive the potential for multiple exit alternatives, including at the asset level or on a platform basis.

Meet OurSpecial Situations Team

  • Eduardo D'Alessandro
    Partner, Real Assets
  • Matt Little
    Partner, Specialty Finance & Business Development & Capital Markets
  • Dax Atkinson
    Managing Director, Special Situations
  • Emre Erşenkal
    Managing Director, Special Situations
  • Evan Tornell
    Managing Director, Special Situations
  • Pedro Costa
    Director, Special Situations
  • Ricardo De Armas
    Managing Director, Direct Structured Credit