A Differentiated Investment Firm

Castlelake is a global alternative investment firm with approximately $20 billion in assets under management. We are a relationship-oriented, experienced liquidity provider in complex, asset-rich opportunities.

We specialize in complex, asset-rich and cash-flowing opportunities that we believe are often overlooked

Castlelake’s investment strategy entails seeking to identify and unlock value from assets in what we believe to be undercapitalized or inefficient private markets. Our approach centers on deep asset expertise, consistent investment criteria, experience-based judgement and long-term relationships to seek to generate compelling risk-adjusted returns that we believe are largely non-correlated and downside protected.

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We believe we’re nimble, creative investors with the flexibility to invest across the capital spectrum

Castlelake’s investment philosophy seeks to enable our investors to gain differentiated exposure according to their risk-return and asset appetite, alongside what we believe to be appropriate downside protection. We evaluate the supply and demand of capital to adjust our investment focus as opportunity sets evolve, maintaining access to what we believe to be mispriced risk. We believe our ability to invest up and down the capital structure paired with an emphasis on long-term relationships enables us to be an efficient capital solutions provider.

We pride ourselves on offering what we view as a distinct culture that values integrity and innovation