Careers at Castlelake

Castlelake is an entrepreneurial organization with driven, intelligent people who are energized by complex situations and motivated to design creative solutions – qualities that have fueled our firm’s success.

We encourage individuals to leverage their own experiences in their daily work and embrace a willingness to grow and develop alongside the opportunities we target. Our culture balances individual ambition with a strong focus on teamwork, collaboration and the greater good. With six core offices in Minneapolis, Dallas, New York, Dublin, London and Singapore, the Castlelake team is comprised of over 200 professionals with diverse perspectives and skillsets. Our investment partners are established innovators in alternative investing and have an average of approximately 20 years of relevant investment experience.

Castlelake has invested in 65 countries and our team speaks more than 20 languages. With a presence in key regions, Castlelake’s team truly offers a global point of view. We believe talent is our greatest competitive advantage and fuels our ability to nimbly rotate capital deployment as capital competition, dislocation and opportunity evolves.

Castlelake aspires to create an equal opportunity work environment that fosters inclusivity and respects, embraces and leverages our diversity of backgrounds, experiences and thoughts. We believe this results in deeper employee engagement and better decision-making that, in turn, drives better performance for Castlelake’s investors.

Our Values

We believe people are our most valuable asset and that investing in employees is integral to our firm’s success. We are dedicated to building a close-knit team of individuals who demonstrate our core values through the work they do every day.

High Integrity

We adhere to honest, ethical principles and demonstrate unwavering moral character. We respect others, do what we say we will do and recognize that we are not perfect. There is no room for arrogance here. We can always improve.

Investor Focus

We have a deep sense of duty to those around us and are grounded by the knowledge that our actions have real impact on others. We never lose sight of our fiduciary status – one built by good faith and trust, and that binds us to act in our client’s best interests.


We are opportunistic; entrepreneurs and pioneers, always discovering and exploring. We pride ourselves on being different and strive to be the best at it. We welcome change and understand that constant evolution is crucial.


We are thoughtful and deliberate risk takers. Diligence is demanded in everything we do. We are nimble, not hasty. We may take the road less traveled, but we travel with a map and ask for directions.

Our People

Hear firsthand from employees about their experience working at Castlelake.

Image of Pedro Costa, Director, Special Situations

Pedro Costa

Director, Special Situations
I am inspired by the shrewdness of our teams and senior leadership. Being part of an organization that allows me to challenge the status quo to find new investment opportunities is invigorating.
Image of Courtney Alpeter, Senior Associate, Specialty Finance

Courtney Alpeter

Senior Associate, Specialty Finance
The opportunity to work across a diverse range of industries, geographies and structures attracted me to Castlelake. This enables me to hone my investing skills and work with creative, entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are professionally and personally invested in their work.
Image of Betsy Sylvester, Director, Capital Formation & Investor Relations

Betsy Sylvester

Director, Capital Formation & Investor Relations
Castlelake is full of smart, hardworking people who prioritize succeeding as a team. The firm places high importance on effective management, coaching and growth at all levels.
Dax Atkinson

Dax Atkinson

Managing Director, Special Situations
Castlelake fosters an entrepreneurial, collaborative and high-energy culture that drives idea generation and consistent execution. Castlelake truly cares about its team which results in genuine camaraderie as we work to accomplish the firm’s goals.
Image of Nick Ryan, Director, Aviation

Nick Ryan

Director, Aviation
As an Aviation investment professional, I’m afforded the opportunity to work with diverse people around the globe and research jurisdictions one wouldn’t explore in a traditional investment role. I am grateful to work for a firm that is committed to employees’ long-term growth.
Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner

European Counsel
Employees have a sense of duty to each other, to our teams and to our investors. I am continuously challenged (and supported) to grow.
Image of Leticia Fusi, Managing Director, Diversified Assets

Leticia Fusi

Managing Director, Diversified Assets
Working at Castlelake has enabled me to learn from the best and bring that same mentorship to rising stars around me. I am inspired by the vibrant, collaborative environment where there is a heavy emphasis placed on teamwork and we share success across all layers of the firm.
Saul Navarro

Saul Navarro

The company’s core values are embodied by employees and the firm alike. From valuing diversity, community involvement and philanthropic work, this way of thinking is contagious.

Benefits of Working for Castlelake

At Castlelake, we are committed to providing a healthy work environment that recognizes the importance of work-life integration, rewards hard work and encourages sincere relationships among colleagues. Castlelake offers comprehensive employee benefits – from competitive compensation and paid parental leave to volunteer time off and confidential employee assistance programs. We also recognize the value of providing creative, light-hearted opportunities to build camaraderie and rapport through team celebrations and other activities. We’re confident you will find your experience as an employee to be fulfilling.

Retirement Savings Plan with Company Match

Paid FamilyLeave

Charitable Giving Match Program

Wellness Program & Fitness Challenges

Private Health Insurance

Investing for the Greater Good

We measure our success not by the magnitude of our growth but by the impact we have on investors – those whose missions we enrich through our daily work. Our purpose is to help every investor entrusting us with capital achieve its goals – whether it is a pension fund working to provide long-term financial security for its constituents, a foundation seeking to support student success or a family office looking to preserve its legacy. Castlelake never loses sight of why we do what we do and endeavors to fulfill our purpose every day.