Castlelake is an experienced investor in aircraft and aviation assets, and offers tailored financing, leasing and servicing solutions. We focus on commercial aircraft and engines and aviation secured debt.

  • $15 Billion Invested in Aviation Opportunities Since Inception
  • 1/3+ of the Global Fleet Underwritten Since 2005
  • 300+ Aircraft Actively Managed By Castlelake

Experienced investors in aircraft and engines throughout their economic life spans

Castlelake’s Aviation investment team has experience investing in aircraft and aviation assets across multiple economic and business cycles, dating back to the firm’s first fund in 2005. Using a differentiated hands-on approach, Castlelake leverages a specialized team that includes technical experts, risk management professionals, and dedicated financing specialists to generate and protect value at every stage of the investment period. Since inception, Castlelake has invested in more than 650 aircraft across diverse types. 

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One of the world’s top aviation lessors by fleet size

In addition to the firm’s investment expertise, Castlelake serves as a hands-on asset manager and servicer for a fleet of more than 350 aircraft, and has relationships with 175 airlines. Our diverse customer base includes the world’s leading airlines across more than 60 countries around the globe.

Castlelake has experience spanning every major aircraft and engine type, and focuses on both in-production and aging aircraft. We specialize in creating tailored solutions and pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our counterparties.

Integrated infrastructure spanning eight specialized teams

As an experienced leader in aircraft ownership and servicing, Castlelake has built a differentiated platform dedicated to maximizing the value of these complex, illiquid assets. Castlelake has a robust infrastructure with more than 60 aviation team members across 8 in-house specialized teams.

Many Castlelake team members have several decades of experiencing investing and managing aviation assets. With interconnected specialties, the team navigates each stage of the aircraft acquisition, leasing and sales process to deliver value to our partners.


Significant focus on sourcing opportunities through long-standing relationships across a global network of aircraft leasing companies, airlines, airframe and engine manufacturers, asset managers, disassembly firms, co-investors, restructuring advisors, industry consultants and brokers.


Multifaceted review of the investment from all angles including the asset’s technical profile, lessee, jurisdiction and the various potential outcomes that will ultimately influence value.


Focus on enhancing value and exit optionality through asset sales, operating leases, green-time and stub engine leases, and ultimately sale into the disassembly market.

Meet Our AviationUnderwriting Team

  • Joe McConnell
    Partner, Aviation & Real Assets
  • Mat Adamo
    Head of Underwriting, Aviation
  • Robert Murphy
    Head of Aviation Risk Management
  • Annemarie Fleming
    Financial Controller, Aviation
  • Nick Ryan
    Director, Aviation

Meet Our AviationMarketing, Trading & Transaction Management Team

  • Otto Verhoeff
    Partner, Aviation
  • Chris Buckley
    Partner, Aviation
  • Jeanette Delehanty
    Head of Transaction Management, Aviation
  • Neil McCrossan
    Head of Trading, Aviation
  • Sankalp Garg
    Senior VP Aircraft Marketing
  • June Raj
    Senior VP Aircraft Marketing & Trading
  • Stephen Flynn
    VP Aircraft Marketing & Trading
  • Michael Hackett
    VP Aircraft Marketing
  • Sigfus Olafsson
    VP Aircraft Marketing
  • Chris Pelly
    VP Aircraft Marketing
  • Kate Pierse
    VP Aircraft Marketing
  • George Teeuwen
    VP Aircraft Marketing
  • Graeme Dodd
    VP Trading, Aviation
  • Stuart MacGregor
    VP Trading, Aviation
  • Ben Andrews
    Aviation Counsel
  • Ben Godsell
    Aviation Counsel