Since our founding in 2005, Castlelake has curated a distinct investment approach centered on competitive advantages that set us apart and enable us to offer differentiated investment exposure.

Castlelake specializes in discovering and pursuing complex, asset-based opportunities in industries impacted by changing fundamentals, capital dislocation or that have fewer natural participants. We apply consistent investment criteria across four distinct investment strategies, each offering a diverse set of underlying assets. We concentrate on complex assets and structures that demand a high degree of granular underwriting and experience. By targeting opportunities that traditional sources of capital are unwilling or unable to underwrite, we believe Castlelake offers differentiated exposure to investors while meeting a growing need for alternative capital.

Nimble execution and flexible solutions

Castlelake’s sector-agnostic investment approach and nimble fund management capabilities enable it to execute quickly and rotate capital deployment into and out of opportunity sets as they evolve. Paired with a culture that prizes innovation and creativity, Castlelake can differentiate itself from other sources of capital, delivering diversified solutions to our counterparties, achieving competitive transaction terms and paving the way to competitive deal flow.

Cross-functional and cross-border collaboration

Castlelake’s global investment team is designed to ensure that the best expertise is paired with each opportunity, regardless of geography or sector. Our investment activity is inseparable from our Performance Execution Group, the global support team within Castlelake. We believe this interlaced management approach is essential to protecting and maximizing investment returns. Our approach comes down to a strongly held belief that collaboration and diversity of thought leads to the best outcome for all.

Placing value on partnerships

Castlelake believes that strong partnerships with sellers, buyers and other counterparties are essential to stable deal flow and our ability to be an early entrant to new and evolving opportunities. As a result, a commitment to acting with integrity and treating our partners with respect in all situations is core to our investment approach. We are proud of the many relationships we’ve developed and maintained over the course of our 15-year investment tenure.

170+ Client Relationships

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