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Asset-based Investors

Castlelake is a global alternative investment firm with approximately $22 billion in assets under management. We are a relationship-oriented, experienced liquidity provider in asset-based opportunities.

Recent Insights

We specialize in cash-flowing opportunities found in the world’s largest asset-based markets

Castlelake’s investment strategy seeks to unlock value from hard or financial assets by providing creative capital solutions. With 19 years of experience transacting in global asset-based private markets, we’ve developed significant asset expertise, experience-based judgment and long-term relationships that we believe enable us to provide investors with non-correlated and reasonably downside-protected exposure.

Our Strategies

Specialty Finance

We invest in consumer finance receivables, provide asset-based credit to small & medium-sized businesses, and conduct other forms of esoteric finance and leasing globally.

Real Assets

Our real assets strategy entails investments in or financing for transitional real estate, infrastructure, renewables and power stability, as well as sub- and non-performing loans.


Our aviation strategy comprises tailored financing, leasing and servicing solutions for commercial aircraft, engines and other aviation assets, including aviation secured debt.

Creative investors with
cycle-tested asset expertise

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