A Differentiated Investment Firm

Castlelake, L.P. is a global private investment firm managing funds and vehicles with approximately $21 billion in assets on behalf of institutional investors. We are a relationship-oriented, preferred liquidity provider in complex, asset-rich opportunities.

We specialize in discovering and pursuing complex, asset-based opportunities

Castlelake’s investment strategy entails identifying and unlocking value from high-quality assets that are challenged by complex situations or capital dislocation. Our approach pairs specialized asset underwriting and structuring capabilities, with deep value investing experience and niche industry expertise to generate strong risk-adjusted returns. We focus on off-the-run investments to offer investors a diverse, granular portfolio of exposure.

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We’re nimble, creative investors who take a disciplined approach to capital deployment

Castlelake’s investment philosophy seeks to balance opportunistic investment with a focus on protecting invested capital and mitigating downside risk. We actively adjust capital deployment as opportunity sets evolve to maintain access to mispriced risk while adhering to consistent investment tenets that we believe create an attractive investment thesis regardless of sector, industry or asset.

We pride ourselves on offering a distinct culture that values integrity and innovation