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Real Assets

Through its Real Assets strategy, Castlelake invests across a diverse set of asset-rich opportunities globally, especially residential transitional real estate, homebuilder finance, income-generating real estate loans through leasing or rental arrangements, infrastructure and sub- and non-performing loans secured by real assets.


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A growing need for experienced private capital

We believe the rise of more stringent regulations and consolidation in the banking industry will continue to reduce traditional real assets lending and motivate banks to sell existing real assets. With our cycle-tested experience and in-market Real Assets investment team, we believe we’re able to provide attractive, short-term private capital to fill the void for income-generating residential and commercial real estate.


Preference for direct origination and bilaterally sources opportunities via established relationships with sellers, servicers, third-party advisors, banks, financial institutions, operating partners, asset managers, and government institutions in specific countries or regions.


Granular due diligence on company, asset, and industry fundamentals, with on-site collateral validation. Emphasis on seeking to create downside protection, limiting duration, and creating exit visibility.


Influence/control-oriented investment style to unlock value and explore multiple exit options, including at the asset level or platform basis. Preference for interim cash flow and contractual exits to seek to de-risk during the investment hold period.

Our Real Assets Team

Castlelake’s Real Assets team uses a holistic approach, combining in-market knowledge and data compiled across 18 years of experience and 30+ countries to attempt to be a patient, selective buyer and hands-on investment manager. We believe our commitment to this consistent approach enables us to identify attractive opportunities and to seek to maximize their value throughout economic environments.

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