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Specialty Finance

Castlelake’s Specialty Finance invests in a wide variety of specialty finance asset classes, including consumer credit across the risk spectrum, commercial credit opportunities such as small business credit, factoring, merchant cash advance and equipment finance and leasing, and other asset-backed/esoteric asset classes.





Tailored capital solutions informed by data

Castlelake’s Specialty Finance investments are informed by significant amounts of data about the performance of assets throughout economic cycles, especially within the consumer specialty finance and small business commercial finance sectors. We believe that this data-focused approach generally results in selective investment criteria and comprehensive stress testing in order to potentially generate compelling risk-adjusted returns with reasonable downside protection.

Castlelake also employs a relationship-driven approach that we believe has resulted in a differentiated network of sourcing and servicing partners. We believe that the demand for credit and the apparent reduction of its availability has created a classic capital-starved situation in which Castlelake’s experience affords it the opportunity to stand out as an experienced capital provider and provide tailored solutions.


Preference for new credit origination bilaterally sourced through direct, long-standing relationships with fintechs/originators, servicers and third-party advisors, as well as regional, super-regional and money center banks.


A combination of both statistical analysis as well as credit-by-credit, asset-by-asset diligence when appropriate; with an emphasis on analyzing charge-off rates, stressed scenarios and structural downside protection, and conducting qualitative assessments of management teams.


Focus on self-amortization and contractual cash-flow to seek to de-risk over time as well as asset-by-asset resolution tailored to each individual situation.

Our Specialty Finance Team

Castlelake’s Specialty Finance team prioritizes direct relationships to maintain and grow its sizable origination pipeline, and seeks to expertly analyze significant amounts of granular asset performance data to be a judicious underwriter and hands-on investment manager. We believe our commitment to this consistent approach enables us to identify attractive opportunities and consistently marry attractive risk-adjusted rates of return with reasonable downside protection.

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