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Castlelake is an experienced investor in commercial aircraft and aviation assets having invested, directly or indirectly, in more than 650 aircraft across diverse types. We also offer tailored financing, leasing and servicing solutions to asset owners and lessees, and invest in aviation secured debt. Our large Aviation team has experience investing in aircraft and aviation assets across multiple economic and business cycles, dating back to the firm’s inception in 2005 and has relationships with approximately 200 airlines spanning more than 60 countries around the globe. 

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250 Aircraft


Consistently investing in, financing and
managing aviation assets since 2005

Castlelake’s aviation investment activity entails a distinctly hands-on approach that leverages a specialized team of technical experts, risk management professionals, and dedicated financing specialists to seek to generate and protect value at every stage of the investment period for these complex, illiquid assets. We specialize in creating tailored, timely solutions for aircraft owners and lessees and pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our counterparties. Our experience, team and data enables us to adjust our investment approach alongside market volatility and changes in the supply and demand of assets and capital in the sector.


Significant focus on sourcing through long-standing relationships across a global network of airlines, aircraft leasing companies, manufacturers, asset managers, co-investors, restructuring advisors, industry consultants and brokers.


Multifaceted review of the investment from multiple angles including the asset’s technical profile, lessee, jurisdiction, economic impacts and the various potential outcomes that we believe will ultimately influence interim cash flow and residual value.


Focus on contractual cash flow and self-amortization to seek to de-risk over time, enhancing value and exit optionality through asset sales, operating leases, green-time and stub engine leases.

Our Aviation Team

Castlelake has built an Aviation platform of approximately 60 aviation team members across 8 in-house specialized teams that are dedicated to maximizing value at every stage of investing in, financing or managing these complex, illiquid assets. Many Aviation team members have several decades of experience investing and managing aviation assets, and Castlelake believes that as a firm it has experience spanning every major aircraft and engine type across the age spectrum.  

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