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Our Approach

Differentiated exposure prioritizing cash flow and downside protection

Castlelake’s investment approach aims to provide investors with asset-rich and cash-flowing exposure according to their risk-return and asset appetite, with a consistent focus on seeking to provide reasonable downside protection. We do this by acting as a capital solutions or liquidity provider to asset owners and originators, often in the form of bilaterally-sourced, asset-based loans or financing facilities. Most of our investments are typically structured with self-amortization or cash flow to de-risk over time and generate yield. Through granular structuring and asset selection, we aim to deliver attractive risk-adjusted performance throughout various economic cycles or market conditions.


Years of Experience







Tailored investment solutions

Castlelake manages assets on behalf of a diverse base of global institutional investors and strives to provide tailored solutions that seek to address their needs. With the capability to rotate across the risk spectrum as market conditions evolve, we believe our investors benefit from the strong origination pipeline and relationships that result from our comprehensive capital strategy and investment flexibility. We will make Form 20 available to our investors upon request.

Creative capital for asset-rich opportunities

Castlelake specializes in creating innovative solutions for assets and asset owners or originators  in need of capital. We believe we are differentiated by our execution, asset expertise and relationship-oriented approach. 

Nimble Execution 

Castlelake believes that it excels in rapid execution and agile capital deployment, distinguishing itself through speed and flexibility. This approach gives Castlelake the potential to secure attractive yet competitive transaction terms and to ensure a continuous flow of competitive deals.

Asset Expertise

Our team’s asset knowledge combined with the significant asset data generated by our historical investing activity enables us to seek to structure reasonable downside protection and quickly respond to market changes.

Long-standing Relationships

Castlelake prides itself on developing long-term relationships with counterparties, believing this provides us with a strong origination and investment management network that helps facilitate our approach.

A Specialized Team

Our global investment team is comprised of specialists who have deep structuring experience including in the development and use of private securitization technology, as well as granular knowledge about the way hard and financial assets perform across economic cycles.